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Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

Today Beth welcomes our Director of Coaching, Adam Breckenridge, to the show as they interview two Enneagram coaches, Nathan Hofer (Type 7) and Tami Imlay (Type 1). Nathan and Tami share how they determined their Types, what led to their decision to become an Enneagram coach, and how God made it clear to both of them that this was the next step in their path. 

Nathan Hofer is a husband, father of two young girls, and is passionate about developing leaders. Nathan works full-time with South Dakota Public Broadcasting and recently launched beplanted in March of this year. beplanted focuses on reigniting and guiding teams through transformation by assessing the unique problems of teams, creating a customized plan for each team's specific needs, but placing the Enneagram at the core of every team's development. Through beplanted, Nathan implements a coaching process to increase communication, trust, and retention within teams, developing strong roots for them to flourish. 

Connect with Nathan:
Phone: 605-937-8695

Tami Imlay is the owner of Tami Marie Coaching and Host of Her Restored Spirit Podcast. Tami is an Air Force Veteran and an Air Force Widow. She believes that there is opportunity and hope in every circumstance and hardship and knows that her God-given purpose is to help widowed and divorced women find theirs. Tami took “knowledge is power” to another level. She guides people to make the choice changes in their life that allow for transformation, restoration, confidence, and life changes, enabling individuals to step boldly into their future. Blending her knowledge and experience as a therapist, project management and leadership in the Air Force, understanding of the Enneagram, and her passion for changing the future, she has stepped into her God-given calling as a Restoration and Confidence Coach.


Connect with Tami:
FB @tamimariecoaching
IG @tamimarie_coach


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