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Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Today, Beth interviews Vanessa Sadler (Type 1) and Keanu Trujillo (Type 8), two of our certified Enneagram coaches. You'll hear about their Enneagram journey, and why they decided to take the plunge to become a certified Enneagram Coach. 


Our coaches help bring the fullness of the Gospel to clients around the world, of every age, and from every walk of life! It is an incredibly rewarding career, and we're so thankful for the work they do.


If you're interested in becoming a certified Enneagram coach, or if you want to be coached by a certified, Gospel-centered Enneagram coach, this episode is for you!


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Connect with Keanu:
Instagram: @true_strategy


Connect with Vanessa:

Instagram: @abidinginstory


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Music by Sleeping at Last

Edited and Produced by Angie Elkins Media