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Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

This is Part 1 of a three-part episode on the origins, concerns, and Christian use of the Enneagram. In this episode, Beth and Jeff share how they use their theological training to teach the Enneagram from a Christian framework. Pastors Adam Breckenridge and Tyler Zach join them to discuss God's revelation, common grace, and the role of culture in the scriptures.

Please click HERE to read our position on the origins of the Enneagram and find more resources. 

Discussed in this episode:
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Psalm 19
Romans 1

2 Timothy 3:16-17

1 Timothy 2:4
Separatism and Syncretism

General revelations and specific revelations

Common Grace

Cultural redemption

Acts 17

Daniel in Babylon

Church Fathers: Augustine, Aquinas, and Paul

Tim Keller

Dennis E. Johnson, Westminister Seminary
Chameleon Christianity by Dick Keyes

Should Christians Use the Enneagram by Tyler Zach


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