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Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast

May 16, 2022

Today, we're continuing our conversation on Type 2s, the Nurturing Supporter, by interviewing a panel of Type 2s

In this episode, you'll see that Type 2s share the same Core Motivations and EIP Parts, but you can't put all Type 2s into the same box. Each person has a unique story and set of circumstances that cause their EIP Parts to show up in different ways.


Our guests today are Jordan Cox and Libby McCord. Jordan worked in Student Ministry for several years and recently switched over to Higher Education where he plans to bring the Enneagram to the college classroom for student and leadership development. 

Libby  is our daughter and YEC’s social media manager. She loves all things history, theology, and learning any new creative hobby.


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Libby McCord:

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