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Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast

May 3, 2022

Today, we are continuing our conversation on the Type 1, the Principal Reformers, and we are actually going to interview 3 type 1s today. In this episode, you’ll see how type 1s share the same motivation and their EIP (Enneagram Internal Profile) parts, but we also want you to see how they are different. 


Our Guests today are Vanessa Sadler, Brian Lee and Jill Savage.


Vanessa Sadler is a trauma-informed Spiritual Director and Enneagram practitioner. She offers her clients Integrated Story Work which includes a culture identity component.


Brian Lee is the founder of Gospel Centered Enneagram and is a veteran pastor of over 20 years.


Jill Savage is a speaker and the author of 14 books including No More Perfect Moms and No More Perfect Marriages. She also the hosts the popular No More Perfect Podcast


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