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Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

Today Beth and Jeff have a very exciting announcement about Your Enneagram Coach, the Network.  They are joined by Adam Breckenridge, Our Director of Coaches, and they discuss the benefits of getting enneagram coaching. 


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Find an Enneagram Coach by checking out our new network

Aug 24, 2021

Today we are chatting with John Driver and Reggis Dabbs about  a personal journey these two friends have been on to fight racism in their own hearts and in the church.  They have written a new book, available Oct. 12 called Not So Black and White and we want to use our platform, here at YEC, to honor these stories and...

Aug 17, 2021

We are back with another brand new episode where a few of our certified coaches share their strengths and weaknesses in their parenting based  on their own enneagram types.  Stephanie(2) & Mark(1) Cook and Jared (7) & Hannah (6) Lilly share some of the patterns they’ve begun to recognize that comes with parenting out...

Aug 10, 2021

We are so excited to address the topic of parenting on today’s show. We are welcoming 2 couples to the show today to discuss the way their own Enneagram types influence their children.  Welcome Libby (8) and Tyler (3) Cole as well as Toya (4) and Melvin (5) Poplar to the show to discuss their uniques struggles with...

Aug 3, 2021

As parents, we try to offer our children the best of who we are. But often, we are coaching our children to be like us—to think like us, feel like us, and to be the better version of our type. 


In this episode, Beth and Jeff explain how the Enneagram helped them parent from a non-anxious presence. By attuning their...